The Chilapata Jungle Camp Unit

With its rustic look & idyllic setting, Chilapata Jungle Camp is a destination for those who appreciate an authentic, intimate, educative and inspiring interaction with nature and local culture. The CJC unit consists of six 'Elephant Cottages' and Two 'Bamboo Cottages' amidst lush garden.

While the Elephant Cottages on concrete stills are made of brick, cement and wood, the Bamboo Cottages are of eco-friendly materials and constructed in the lines of traditional architecture and design of the indigenous tribal houses. The dining area has four sides open allowing guest an unobstructed view of the surrounding nature. Food mainly consists of authentic local recipes, prepared with fully organic ingredients sourced locally. Tourist can go for for pony cart rides, Bi-cycle tours, Countey Boat rides and enjoy local cultural programmes during stay at the Chilapata Jungle Camp.

Service & Amenities

  • Travel Desk
  • Car Rent Service
  • Camp Fire with Barbique
  • Tribal Dance
  • Angling
  • Kitchen Garden
  • Live Fish.
  • Pick Up & Drop Service

The Chilapata Jungle Camp Activities

Chilapata Butterfly Conservatory :

India is one of the most prominent mega diverse countries with almost 1500 species of list butterflies. Among the butterfly lovers accross the globe there is an immense interest for the butterfly fauna of India, more precisely butterflies of North-East India.

In the jungle camp , the visitors can see 40 to 45 species of butterfly which is now helping us to bridge our lack of knowledge and understanding of butterflies and the crucial role the winged wonders play to balance our enviroment and turn the world that much more colourful. As an additional benefit, the centre is expected to generate income for the local youth too.

Tonga Ride :

The joy ride on tonga is a new and exiting tourism activity of the Chilapata Jungle Camp. It offers a slow and rhythmic journey all through. One can ride through the nearby mathura Tea Estate -a beautiful trail through the plantation, stopping over as one wishes, lookng around , taking photographs and getting into the heart of the tea plantation. while the blue mountains yonder visible on a clear day forms a breathtaking skyline throught the joy ride, the spritual-minded will find a genuine spot of tranquil at the Shaivmandir inside the plantation. The trip consumes barely two hours.

A second trail runs through different villages in the locality. villages with exotic names like Kurmai busty, Andu Busty, Bania Busty dot the trail. Riding through the villages one gets to notice the vibrant lifestyle of different etnic tribes like the Rava, oraon, Bodo and of the mixed population too which is otherwise impossible to detect while travelling in a motor vehicle. The ride in reality offers a live interpretation of community life to tourists. The ride takes an hour and a-half.

Bi-cycle Ride :

Bi-cycle rides are for those who just cannot ignore the seduction of country roads, who believe travel can be choreographic in nature. Truly, Bi-cycle rides can open up a whole new meaning to the charm of exploring are hired out locally at reasonable charge. So getting one is not difficult. mount one and keep pedalling lazily through the forest. You may end up in a forest. you may end up in a frest villahe or by a river side turning your joy of discovery twice as much. this tourist activity is highly flexible and innovative in nature. Chilapata eco-guides may join on request, which is recommended.

Rava Dance in Andu Busty

The forest village 'Andu Busty' is a prime example of the lives of the forst dwelling Ravas. most of their houses are built on stillts. A trip to village of Andu and watching the rava dance in the evening can be a filling experiencing during the chilapata tour. The dance programme lasts an hour.